Dates of the event: November, 6 and 7 2023

Venue: Château de Nanterre – 75 allée des Parfumeurs – 92000 Nanterre

Format: Hybrid

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Hélène DELISLE, Emeritus Professor
President of the Scientific Committee, UNIVERSITY OF MONTREAL

Hélène DELISLE developed the field of international nutrition at the Department of nutrition, Faculty of medicine, University of Montreal. She obtained her Ph.D. in Clinical Science at University of Montreal and her M.Sc. in nutrition at McGill University. She trained in public health nutrition more than 40 graduate students from French-speaking Africa. She was visiting professor of nutrition at Senghor University in Alexandria until 2015. As founding member of TRANSNUT, a WHO Collaborating Centre on Nutrition Changes and Development since 2004, her most recent research focused primarily on the nutrition transition and the double burden of undernutrition and nutrition-related chronic diseases in West Africa. She remains active in capacity strengthening, editorial work and consultation in public health nutrition.

Jacques BERGER, Director of Research

Jacques BERGER, Nutritionist, Director of Research at IRD (since 1985), he is attached to UMR QUALISUD (CIRAD, IRD, SupAgro, University of Montpellier, Avignon University, University of Reunion), in team 6 « Food, Nutrition, and Heath ».

His expertise focuses on micronutrient deficiencies, stunted growth, complementary foods to breast milk, ready-to-use foods to combat malnutrition, and nutrition for women of childbearing age. After working on micronutrient supplementation and fortification of foods, his current research and areas of interest focus more specifically on preventing malnutrition in at-risk groups (women of childbearing age, infants and young children) through an approach based on the quality, diversification and sustainability of diets, notably from agroecological and aquatic resources, including the development of specific foods to address nutrition problems in the contexts of the countries where he works.

Dre Aissa DIARRA, Researcher

Dre Aissa DIARRA, a medical doctor (Faculty of Medicine, Bamako) and holder of a doctorate in social anthropology and ethnology (EHESS, Marseille, France), is a researcher at the Laboratory for studies and research on social dynamics and local development in Niger (LASDEL:, where she is in charge of the « health » department. She specializes in maternal health issues in Africa, and works more broadly on health policies and systems, as well as on power and gender relations.

Professor Yap BOUM II, Executive Director

Professor Yap Boum II was the former Representative of Epicentre, The research arm of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and has implemented studies on TB, malaria, HIV, Ebola, and COVID-19. He teaches Public Health and Microbiology at several Universities in Africa. He was the Chief of Operations for the COVID-19 response in Cameroon. He serves on the Board of The Lancet Global Health with a strong interest in equity and the contribution of African scientists to Global Health. He has co-founded Kmerpad, which developed washable sanitary pads to empower women. He has also co-founded iDocta, a digital platform that takes healthcare services to the community. He started Homegrown Solutions for Health (HS4Health) to find innovative solutions to address Africa’s health challenges. The Village digital platform from HS4Health uses AI to connect scientists toward decolonizing Global Health. He is inspired by the vision of a healthy and wealthy Africa that will develop by relying on local resources and equitable partnerships.

Victoire AGUEH, Researcher

Victoire Damienne AGUEH,
doctor in public health, nutritionist, epidemiologist and teacher-researcher at the Regional Public Health Institute in Ouidah, Benin. Victoire Damienne AGUEH has extensive experience in nutrition policy development, implementation monitoring and evaluation (participation in the development, implementation and evaluation of Benin’s Food and Nutrition Policy, Plans and Programs); in clinical and community nutrition, notably on the double burden in children and adults (Co-manager of the TRANSNUT projects in partnership with the University of Montréal); in food guide development, monitoring and evaluation (Contribution to the development of the Benin food guide). She is also a member of the Nutrition Technical Advisory Group of the Benin Ministry of Health, the Benin Medical Society, the Association of French-speaking Epidemiologists and the Benin Nutrition Society.